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10 Hottest & Simplest Facebook Marketing Ideas for 2017

It’s strange for one day not to scroll through my Facebook feed, and happily, I’m not alone. As the DMR claimed, 65% of Facebook users log into their accounts daily.

Well, Facebook is just evolving, so no wonder why its platform has changed pretty much over time. However, catching up with such changes can be a challenge to some of the marketers, and this is also the reason why we’re about to highlight them - the 10 hottest and simplest Facebook marketing ideas for 2017. Do you want to stand out in the crowded social ocean? It’s time to do it!
Target the unbelievably specific audience 

By owning more data and targeting abilities than before, we can go “over” specific as it comes to the ad targeting in Facebook marketing. Are you ready to learn one of these coolest Facebook marketing ideas yet?

The first thing to say about this strategy is how possible it is for marketers to select the audience who reside in the area. Such a type of targeting comes in handy, especially when you’re concentrating on the location around a retail store and into giving a coupon to the shoppers nearby.
Make sure to have enough time and resources to have your client base analyzed and then create the buyer personas for your target audience. It’s vital to do that since making assumptions about who will be your ideal client is dangerous. Don’t let all your efforts be naught, or even worse, this can be the kiss of death for your business.

Use Facebook Video for More Organic Reach

Have you noticed that there are more videos in Facebook news feed recently? It’s one of the hottest yet simplest Facebook marketing ideas that can help you to earn more engagement and drive more traffic. Let’s take advantage of them for your own business.

The Autoplay feature of Facebook brings thousands of videos in a more eye-catching look than simply our regular posts. Luckily, people like to be entertained - they would love to kill their time stalking their friends’ pages and to attract their attention, so Facebook videos will be the best solution.
They never fail to gain crazy high engagement rates, so please don’t hesitate to use them in your own business page posts for some serious attention. However, there are also the times when the marketers using this strategy, but it does not seem to work well at last! Here’s why:

  • The videos are too long to keep watching
  • They’re not just engaging enough or really diverting their attention
So do you want to drive your video engagement? Keep it short and sweet!

Create memes for Facebook Marketing 

Photo memes cover everything, from a person imitating an action or a position that’s familiar to us. Memes work the same like quotes, but they’re easier to consume and funnier than the quotes. For this reason,  no wonder why memes got so popular on all social media channels, from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, to Reddit.

Not just one of the worth-to-try Facebook marketing ideas in this 2017, memes is also a secret weapon that can help your brand go viral as well as connect you to a broader group of people. A standard meme can be an image, video, phrase, or some blends of a visual and bolded/capitalized text.

Though memes are meant to be very funny, they still bear somewhat hidden meaning that discusses a popular culture.

Post Pet Images That Are Humanlike 

It appears a little bit strange for the first time hearing it, right? However, it really works! How come? It’s because who can’t love such adorable animals? First of all, do not even care whether dogs are not related to your business brand. Just make them related to your own brand by offering them funny and brand-related captions.

When doing marketing on Facebook, it’s better to be more creative and taking things easy. Do not be shy to add some playfulness to the posts and then wait to grab the busiest audience’s attention in a flash. Out of many Facebook marketing ideas, this is the good one since it creates a good laugh through the adult-like pets. 

Host A Contest to Up Engagement

Sure enough, the Facebook contest is not a new concept at all, especially when any of you has joined many of them. But have you ever tried hosting even one by yourself? Most of the contests are made with the aim of increasing the number of people who like their pages. Greater than that, these contests can even give you the valuable client information.

A Facebook contest that can help the host earn 522 likes per week

But there are also some owners who have complained that Facebook contests do not work effectively. They won’t be able to do such a great job in diverting your customers’ attention if you don’t do them the right way. Ensure the contest to include the reasons why the fans need to interact right away, a good reward or prize, and an eye-catching design to feature the contest. 

Better than that, hosting a contest that has an attractive incentive would be one of the hottest Facebook marketing ideas to apply to your ad in reality.  
Add Multiple Images To The Ad

Why don’t we make use of the carousel ad and begin getting creative on it? Feel free to use multiple images to make your post look more dynamic. Make sure to spread one image in tiny pieces across the carousel as well as motivate the users to swipe to the right side for a full view of the photo. 

A type of Carousel ad for Facebook marketing

Facebook carousel format allows the advertisers to display from 3 to 5 images, headlines, links in one single advertisement unit. If using Facebook on mobile, it’s possible to swipe through the cars by basically clicking on the left or right arrows. 

Create a playlist

What to do on the Video tab? Let’s add playlists! Doing so will help you to control their experience through the videos. But how to create a playlist on Facebook? First, log on the account and navigate to the company’s Facebook page. Next, tap on the “video” tab underneath your cover photo, and then click on the blue button “Create Playlist”. 

Are you ready to show playlist on  Facebook?

After entering the title and description for your Playlist, click on each of the videos that you’d like to add to the playlist to choose. Once having chosen them, click “next”. Drag the video thumbnails to order them before tapping the button “Create Playlist”. 

Keep Your Posts Short & Concise 

A great post needs to be concise, which is considered to be much better than other lengthier ones. This is also one of the simplest yet most effective Facebook marketing ideas you can’t miss in the campaign. Try to trim down the words so that they can be around 80 - 160 characters.

This is too lengthy for an effective post! 

You need to know the ugly truth that most people usually skim through all posts in their news feed very fast. Therefore, they won’t even have enough patience to read any long and winded post like that. Make sure the posts to be as short, sweet, and the right to the point as possible! 

Share Fanmade Content

Sharing content made by your fans is surely one of the best ways to raise a true sense of community among the followers. It tells the others or your fans how much you really care about them so that they could feel valued and appreciated.

A beautiful content made by fans gets shared on Facebook

Plain text won’t often lend itself to display the humanity, enthusiasm, or feeling behind the post. So why don’t we try to put something simple but emotion like a smiley face emoticon? According to Hubspot reports, it will increase the likes by 57% while comments by 33%  and the shares by 33% over other posts without it. 

Know What To Add To Your Images

This image of Old Navy received 11.275 likes and 137 shares

It’s recommended to incorporate images in your updates, but you also need to see how each of them affects your post engagement. Following an interesting research that is conducted by Taggs, most retail brands tend to need visual content strategies that must consider their brand identity, specific objectives, and target audience. 

Has your current Facebook engagement needed a little more boost or not recently? Take time to find your favorites amongst these 10 hottest & simplest Facebook marketing ideas today. Make sure to apply various post types and some proper content adjustments to bump it back again.