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20 Best Facebook Marketing Blogs You Must Follow

Facebook is the ‘big boss’ of the today’s social media revolution, which is something undeniable! It owns more than 1.86 billion daily dynamic users in the world plus the growing membership at a fast face globally. From the modest starter to a nationally IPO (initial public offering), the giant social media Facebook is what we need to boost our business social media campaign.

After knowing the basics on how to create an SEO Facebook friendly website, let’s start to discover the top 20 agencies in the forefront of helping you achieve that. Have some light reading to get the time to pass on the train, and see if any of these badass Facebook Marketing blogs could make your favorite list!

Our Best 20 Facebook Marketing Blogs To Follow


Do you have ANY question about Facebook? Find your desirable answers here on InsideFacebook - The leading and independent source of news and analysis on Facebook’s international, corporate developments, and product revolution. This Facebook marketing blog also offers daily news and reliable analysis for every developer, marketer, investor as well as amazing content for both newbies and professionals.


Another great social media marketing you can’t miss for the list - You will love how it provides us with their lists of ‘ideas’ instead of the blogs. Well, we can’t expect it to be better than that because ‘ideas’ are what most of us have been indeed searching for! This Facebook marketing blog has been operating since 2005, and then increasingly famous for offering a wide range of marketing solutions (strategies and how-to tutorials).


No other Facebook marketing blog knows Facebook much better than this one though we don’t know whether it’s unofficial or not. Besides, it also belongs to the Insider Network (please view the InsideFacebook above) - an absolutely badass source to read for preference, from insights to blog posts. After all, it covers all issues related to Facebook that you should click to follow now.

Pam Aungst

Getting famous for specializing in not only Facebook but also the entire Internet marketing, Pam Aungst is totally worth a visit! In our search of the best Facebook marketing blog so far, this one is recommended to land on. The blog is an outstanding source packed with foundation and quick tips perfect for small and large businesses. Anyway, if you’re interested in this area and really serious about social media marketing, don’t miss it!

Mari Smith

Known as the big leader in the social media area and a successful author, Mari Smith won’t be letting you have the second thought but follow it right away. Basically, we call it one of the trusted original Facebook alpha testers, especially as it often gives useful tips that can keep everyone all informed. Just say thanks to Mari!

Amy Poterfield 

No wonder why Amy’s Facebook marketing blog is considered the champion on how Facebook and other social medias need to be done. Though her private blog does not get updated daily, her amazing stream of advice would never fail to attract our attention. By contributing to the biggest social media blogs nowadays, she owns a giant fan base of people who actually love her given materials.

Ching Ya

Everyone would say good words about this highly dedicated Facebook marketing blog, which is easily seen through her big fans. Ching Ya emphasizes on the truly profound knowledge for how to expand your own business via Facebook and other channels. Especially for a social media addict, freelance writer, and a devoted blogger on tip-sharing, how can we ignore her?

John Haydon

Thank to John Haydon - the nonprofit Facebook buddy you have to follow for the maximized results using Facebook effectively. He seems not just to live and breathes social media the whole day long but also host there. Feel free to learn his greatest tips for your small business by registering Wild Apricot Expert Webinar. This is where we get to collect the greatest practices on growing membership for your nonprofit.

Dave Kerpen

Widely recognized as a famous author and speaker in Social Media industry, Dave’s story is so inspiring that you only want to experience. Just see him and his wife - a celebrity and a CEO of Likeable media since their company’s growth is just phenomenal. According to them, the key is to pay attention to the customer results. Read more tips for Facebook and making use of social media to develop your business.

Agora Pulse

Another impressive industry leader in term of Facebook marketing blogs & CRM - Agora Pulse, that you should discover at once for a detailed view on how to manage Facebook for the highest ROI (Return On Investment). Are you ready to welcome more incredible advice and glean more useful data from it?

Ignite Social Media

Equipped with the sufficient tools and resources for Facebook marketing sector, Jim Tobin is someone who has something for everyone to actually aspire to. Not to mention how he’s got a hoard of top branded Facebook pages to impress us, his blog is already proud when helping dozens of clients to crush their Facebook goals.

Wildfire by Google

Is there anyone who is the fan of Victoria Ransom and Wildfire here? Her victorious Facebook apps business used to get acquired by Google, which is something indisputable. As a matter of fact, her social marketing suite is a great platform that enables us to develop, manage, message, and measure our social presence.

Andrea Vahl

Andrea is not just the leader but also the author of the social media for all small businesses. Her Facebook marketing blog is a mixture of practical advice on our way to social media success. By reading her page, we can see a list of tutorials on the best ways to grow the business and top things you should prepare before starting your Facebook group.


This award-winning group will surprise anyone who intends to keep updated with Facebook changes and its new capabilities. SocialCubix’s major mission is to offer the cross-platform app development services to all major brands for the purpose of targeting or boosting visibility via social media channels and other online outlets.

Deborah Smith

Deborah Smith, an admirable social media consultant for all small businesses updates a stream of materials on her Facebook page and constantly populates her blog as often as possible. By giving advice to the business owners, she totally understands what it’s actually like to develop a small business.

Avenue Social

Everyone loves their fan pages to rock? It’s time to reach this team and talk about this. They specialize in growing both web and game applications for Facebook, not to mention how excellent they’re at turning our fan pages into the strong marketing center. It’s ideally meant for developers since what this Facebook marketing blog does is just fascinating.


Nanigans is a gathering place of experts excelling at offering tips and software for expanding ROI on Facebook marketing and advertising. All they can do is to help us get all our Facebook attempts optimized and analyzed. Their mission is to arm all marketers with the greatest software for their digital advertising management.


Similar to other social media companies, ReadyBuzz is where we can engage, relax, and capture everything social. Their Facebook marketing blog concentrates a great number of tips on how to grow and execute our social media strategy using the most recent tools and modern trends.


Who does not want a suite of social media tools and trends that enable them to track and create Facebook marketing campaigns? GroSocial blogs on a great abundance of useful topics and best ways how to find good content for sharing.

Facebook Blog

Is it impossible to jot down the top 20 Facebook marketing blogs without having the creators’ names themselves? Facebook Blog will update them regularly, so don’t worry but keep coming here to get a better sense of what you’re actually up to.

We hope that this is the most comprehensive list of top 20 Facebook Marketing Blogs for your great insight into the social media industry. Feel free to leave your thoughts on what the Facebook’s future might look like in the coming year.