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5 ADVICE ON Becoming a Killer Facebook Ads Expert

Facebook seems never stops becoming an increasingly important factor to the online presence of every individual business. Everyone both joins on a level playing field, and each of them creates their own marketing strategy to advertise their business perfectly. They still learn to maximize the Facebook spend without spending countless hours. How about you? If you’re ready to take Facebook advertising to the whole level, then follow our top 5 advice below:

Be Aware of Your Goals

No matter whether your target is to increase conversions or boost brand awareness, Facebook is surely one of the most badass platforms to give you a hand in achieving every target - specifically in promotion industry. In order to succeed in it, each objective needs to be selected properly before conducting a Facebook marketing campaign. Below are the major objectives to know and plan:

  • Post engagement
  • Like
  • Clicks to website
  • Conversions
  • Response Ads
  • Offer claims 
  • Video views
  • Lead generation

If you consider this step as simple as cake, especially when you simply launch a campaign for a decent amount of budget and then click to submit as well as wait for the results to come - Sorry about that because it’s not the case! The plan can change down the line, so it’s essential to own something in place rather than guessing this or that the whole time. In fact, a lot of small businesses who do not even know how to earn the optimal results from Facebook ads. Well, most of them only click “boost” button and then expect the best to come - Never let this be you!

Never Mind Asking for Help

Let’s accept the truth that what actually worked about one or two months ago might not produce high results today! Therefore, never say that you know it all - that happens quite often when a person who might have several client accounts to work on and spend one month for it, he or she still have to ask for more help from the others. However, the best thing here is no rules set in terms of running Facebook ads, which naturally makes the platform itself an ideal place to be.
When it comes to asking for more ideas, I bet that you want to be sure that the question made should be ‘correct’. Try to spend more time thinking about what to ask and stop rushing yourself to some kinds of questions such as: “What could I have done it better?” Or “How could you have achieved this?” Instead of asking so, try something like “What is the worst thing that possibly happens when I only spend a little bit of money?” 

Collect Valuable Data

Facebook usually target ads depending on its personal data points collected by any member using the on-site activity, location setting, and internet connection. The modern technology nowadays can find the most obvious information on your own page, such as whether you’re single or not, planning out a vacation or going to have a birthday. Besides, almost every Facebook ads would come right from the personal materials that are given away through their posts, comments, and updates. 

According to Facebook, it will utilize the information from different sources to finally discover which ads should be the most relevant and handy to you. Thus, remember that anything like your profile info, activities or interactions with other businesses would impact the entire ads. 

Timing Is The Key

A new startup company will advertise on a budget, and if they fail to reach the target, it’s very likely for them to go panic and then want to change it, or simply take it down. Don’t get yourself so stressful even if you’ve got $10 or less than that to spend on advertising. 

The immediate success won’t be easily achieved. Instead of feeling horrible about it, let it run for at least one day. Right after this amount of time is up, try to review the data of the ad again to determine whether it’s necessary to change anything. 

If giving your Facebook ads a schedule around 9 am - 5 pm for instance, Californians will see them at the time frame 9 am - 5 pm PST. The great thing here is how many people living in South Korea, Wisconsin, New Zealand and any countries, or states you’ve set in the target audience. They will be able to view the ads following your schedule in their local time.   

Give Your Audience A Voice

One of the essential things to bear in mind about Facebook marketing in particular, or social media in general is: People are given a voice by liking and commenting on your boosted posts. However, most of the marketers forget this important element, so they’re unable to cater to such an advantage. Having the maximum return of dollars when starting Facebook advertising, what you need here is more than a crafted copy that is meant to be read. 

Change things by inviting more users to engage with your own content or advertisement. However, making too many responses under a post is considered worse than giving no response at all, when it comes to ratings and reviews. In other words, plenty of managers would like to concentrate on acknowledging the customers’ positive reviews or comments without focusing on responses to the negative comments. 

Being a badass Facebook ads expert is not hard as long as you follow these 5 tips tightly and not allowing yourself to lose patience when starting it.

Note that if the advertisement on your page is still not launching after 24 hours, you’re likely to turn it off. Instead, make many ads within every set from the beginning of the campaign, which will help you to see what’s actually working better, and then know which one should be turned off. A campaign will be more powerful with more than one ad sets, so don’t let you be the ones who rush to leave money on the table by turning off the whole ad set that seems not performing as desired.