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6 FREE Facebook Marketing Software to Spice Things Up for Your Campaigns

Everyone wants to get the most out of their quests to gain more popularity for their Facebook pages, but there are always some obstacles that prevent us from reaching that goal. While some are trying to figure out how to make a difference to their Facebook posts to catch more winds and gain more momentum, others know exactly what they have to put in effect but lack the resources to do so.
Worry no more! These 6 awesome Facebook marketing software will help you do almost all of the heavy-lifting.

These tools will assist you in fully utilizing the yet-to-unlocked potential of your Facebook page. What’s more, they do not cost you a single dime! (But if you are interested, you should also have a quick glance at our paid Facebook ad tools.)

Facebook Marketing Software No.1: DrumUp

Having a regular update of fascinating, pertinent contents to your Facebook page is vital to its survival. But it will also be your regular source of anxiety and pressure to actually forage for the good stuff each and every day amidst the jungle of news and images nowadays.
With DrumUp, you can have it do all that nerve-wracking job for you and have one less daily task to worry about.DrumUp systematically and efficiently hunts for the most compelling stories for your target audience in that jungle, sorts them out, and strings them up waiting to be posted and shared on your Facebook accounts.

A simple list of essential keywords is only what you need to start using DrumUp. Based on what keywords you give the apps, it will look on the Internet for the stories with the closest match and remake them into a feed. Want to give the apps a hand? Just click on any story or news you like and DrumUp will save it for you and put it in your sharing schedule. You can even determine the best time to share the posts.

DrumUp’ friendly User Interface

If you want to manipulate it further, what you can do with the post via DrumUp is pretty much limitless: writing a comment, customizing the date, or attaching a trending hashtag or a funny picture. You think your followers need to see the post again? Let’s order DrumUp to repeat that post at a later time.

Besides the recommended contents from the tool, you could also post something engaging and unique on your own. In short, everything you do with Facebook shares, you can do them with DrumUp too.

Facebook Marketing Software No.2: Likealyzer

There’s no speed as a speed too fast

LikeAlyzer is the brainchild of Meltwater. It gives a detailed evaluation of how well your Facebook accounts perform. Then it recommends the possible, doable actions you should employ to give your brand a boost. What makes LikeAlyzer stands heads and shoulders above other free-of-charge assessment software is that you do not have to trade your personal information for the rating. LikeAlyzer only requires the link to your page to automatically generate your requested rating for it.

Above is the sample report for one of our Facebook pages. Its format is very easy to understand. The report also enlightens us with what we have done right and what we need to fix immediately. It is readily apparent that we post at least once daily, which is a green tick, but our posts could use more varieties, have more questions posed to the audience, and implement better timing. You will never know if one of these small changes could mean a huge difference for your popularity!

What’s more, LikeAlyzer gives you a hint of how well your page fare against other rival brands in the same field. So you can gain a good insight into what your competitors are doing to vie for supremacy on Facebook presence.

Facebook Marketing Software No.3: Canva

All of them, brought to you by Canva.

You will be surprised by how many times this free software will come into your service if you are the person in charge of your business’s online marketing division. Just as the name suggests, the powerful yet easy-to-use app provides the ability to customize images to your liking.

TowardsCanva, it is love at first sight for me because it is super user-friendly. It offers a wide range of choice of pre-made templates for everything image-related on Facebook. After you have chosen your preferred template, you can decorate it with as many design elements as you want (pictures, words, and shapes) and boom – job’s done!

A few examples of Canva’s pre-made templates

Design is not one of your strong points? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Some of my first Canva images looked like less of a marketing effort and more of a horror-comedy movie poster. Fortunately, the folks at Canva are there to support you every step of the way. Their Design School provides users with tons of tips and self-help tutorials to assist them in creating gorgeous images suited for their needs. Still could not get it? You may take advantage of one of their pre-designed images (some will cost you) and change the contents to fit what you need.

Facebook Marketing Software No.4: Facebook Power Editor

This marketing tool, developed by Facebook, specifically aims at those who are managing several advertising campaigns at the same time. If you have had enough with the restricted built-in Facebook Ads apps, the tool is really what you need right now!

One screen to rule them all

Thanks to Power Editor, you will waste no time set up and clone your own ads and campaigns. It stacks all of your current ads side by side within your monitor screen so that it is easy for you to make even minute changes to ads placement and conversion rates and so on. After you are done with the adjustments, you may launch them simultaneously and usually they are certified after a few minutes. To summarize, it allows your Facebook ads production work flow to be way more seamless, efficient, and automatic than what you might have experienced with Ad Manager.

To make things more interesting, through Power Editor, you will always be on the lookout for the early release and adoption of new ad editor tools. Facebook often test runs every single one of the new add-ons in Power Editor to measure its credibility before actually implementing it into the UI. Thus it will give you the necessary head start to leave your competitors in the dust.

Facebook Marketing Software No.5: Headline Analyzer

Those well-versed in the arts of marketing know too well that a headline could be the only line between success and failure. We pour our efforts and thoughts into creating engaging and catchy headlines to capture the attention of our audience. It would be unreasonable not to follow that practice when it comes to Facebook posts. However, it could be hard sometimes to predict exactly how your target audience will react to your headlines. That’s why you rely on Headline Analyzer, a product of Coschedule, to make that prediction.

Assumed that you have come up with a satisfying headline, you put it in one end of this app and the tool yields an overall rating from the other end. That rating also includes an in-depth evaluation of the input’s composition, the number of characters, and predicted reception and a sneak-peek of what it is going to look like in emails and ads. What unarguably raises this tool’s value over the roof is the links included that lead to tips, sample headlines, and other helpful information.

If you do not fancy yourself as a skilled word user, look no further. This might be the right tool for you to teach yourself what you need to learn and improve to craft the best headlines Facebook has to offer.

Facebook Marketing Software No.6: Timeline Contest Manager

A little competition here and there can boost your Facebook account’s popularity, but it would be no small feat to organize them on your own. That maybe the reason why the folks at Agorapulse create Timeline Contest Manager. This tool will automatize this agonizing process. It gives the marketers the ability to set up every type of contest you can think of, for instance trivia quizzes, sweepstakes, or photo contests, on your timeline.

To launch an online contest, first select a post for the contest to be integrated into, like the above image.

Then choose your preferred type of contest. The tool will also ask you to input winning conditions, and just like that you will have yourself an online contest. To decide the final winner, Timeline Contest Manager will scour the selected post based on those preset winning criteria and help you determine that person.

In addition to Timeline Contest Manager, Agorapulseis also the brain behind Facebook Page Barometer and Agorapulse Academy, all of which are worth mentioning here.

Facebook Marketing Software No.0: Facebook Opportunity Calculator

I feel that this list will be incomplete without an honorable mention of Facebook Opportunity Calculator. Will this campaign ad be beneficial to my page and long-term goals? Facebook Opportunity Calculator closely examines your Facebook Business Page to assess how much momentum you will gain through pay-per-click ads.

What’s more, this tool will aid you in forming a clear understanding of the math behind Facebook’s elusive pay-per-click algorithms. In the end, you may have an idea of how much money you have to pay Facebook (Don’t worry! It will not cost you an arm and a leg!).

Last but not least, Facebook Opportunity Calculator gives you hints about some measures you may employ to improve your site’s conversion rates. Are you interested in this app already? Link up your account to this amazing software here.

Do you have a different set of free Facebook marketing software we haven’t mention here yet? Feel free to share your preference and recommendation in the comment section below.