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How to Use Facebook (Part 1)

Nowadays, the number of people using Facebook has reached over 1 billion. Facebook is not only a trend but also a lifestyle. So, it's important for people having an Internet connection to have a Facebook account and know the basics of how to use Facebook. If you need some help in this, go through the article for detailed instructions on how to use and enjoy the advantages brought about by Facebook.

Part 1. Creating Your Profile

1. Fill in the Sign-Up form. 

It's the first step of how to use Facebook. To do the task, you will have to provide your first and last name, your email address, your date of birth, and your gender. A password is also needed to secure your account. A Facebook account registration is totally free.
The email address given will be used for logging in, so you'd better make sure it's valid.
You can create an account with a fake name or fake last name if you think that's too personal to be called by your real name.

2. Click on the Sign-Up button. 

Facebook will require you to enter the capcha phrase in order to prove you’re not a robot. After you manage to click on the  Sign-Up button again, the account registration process will start.
3. Add one or two friends to your initial friends list. 

Before the profile creation can continue, Facebook will suggest some people for you to add to your friend list. If you don’t know them, you can always skip to the process's next step. Facebook will also ask if you want to search the history of your email accounts to find any other friends using Facebook. Again, this process can be skipped if you want to search for friends later.

4. Provide your past and current educations as well as employers.

The step is totally optional, but it's helpful in assisting others in finding and connecting with you.

5. Upload a photo of yourself.

You can upload an existing photo from your computer or take an immediate selfie using your webcam.

6. Verify your account. 

Once the account registration process is finished, Facebook will send you to your newsfeed. Look at the top of the page, you will certainly see a notification saying that an activation email has been sent to the email address you used to sign up before.[1]

•    Open the email, you will see it includes a verification link. There is also a code that you need to enter later.
•    With the simple tasks, your account is verified. It's time for you to enjoy the wonder of Facebook  
7. Complete your profile. 

Then you can move on the learn how to use Facebook. In the top-left corner, you will see the “Edit Profile" link under your avatar picture. In the section, you can add the information which is not so personal and you want to share with people. The information includes:

•    Relationship Status
•    Hometown
•    Current City/Province
•    Slogan/Favorite Quotes
•    Religious Position
•    Political Position

All the information is optional, but it's needed if you want to connect with people easily. Facebook users want to be friends with people who have a real background, not an empty profile saying nothing about your life.

8. Adjust the privacy options for your the information you have added.

Don't worry about your privacy when you are on Facebook. After finishing the account creation, you can set the level of privacy over things you have provided. You can choose to share it with only your Friends, the Public, or some specific groups of friends.

Part 2. Adjusting Your Privacy Level

1. At the top-right corner of the Facebook page, you can see a Gear icon. 

It's where you can set the privacy options in the “Privacy Settings”, which is located in the Privacy Settings and Tools page.    

2. Check your available options. 

In this menu, you can change the fundamental privacy settings, which will affect all the things you share by using a Facebook account. Owing to the social features Facebook, users have the tendency to post lots of personal details. Keep your privacy setting reviewed means you can keep personal information private, so be sure to double check to see who can see what when they click on your account.

•    You can adjust the default options of privacy for all your future posts you will publish (if you want specific post with specific level of privacy, you can change it later) 
•    You can make options to choose who can send you a friend request. You are about to master how to use Facebook. Usually, Facebook sets it as Everyone, but you can switch the option to Friends of Friends, which means the persons who send you a friend request must lie in the friend list of your Facebook friends. 
•    You can make an adjustment to the choices of who can look you up using your email address and phone number.
•    Facebook also offers you a choice of not linking search engines to your timeline. By doing so, your timeline will not pop up in the search results of search engines.     

3. Review your Timeline as well as Tagging settings.

Look at the left menu underneath the said Privacy option, you can see a section named Timeline and Tagging. This menu's task is to help you figure out and set control over who can leave a post on your timeline, who can see information shared on your timeline, You tagging settings can be adjusted here, too.

Part 3. Adding Friends and Family to your Friends list

Adding Friends and Family to your Friends list- Photo credit:

1. Search for people to add as friends. 

Facebook is called a social network because it makes connections. With Facebook, you can keep in touch with your cousin from across the country or talk with an old friend from primary school, who now is living in a foreign country. By adding connections, you're including contents to your news feeds.  

•    Click on the search bar, enter a person’s name, email address, or phone number. By doing so, you will receive a list of results featuring people of the same of nearly the same said information. Find the one you are looking for the list, then click on the “Add Friend” button. The person will receive a message asking for your friend request's confirmation. 
•    Once a person is a friend in your friend list, you will be able to access their timeline. 

 The "People I may know" option - Photo credit:

2. Utilizing the “People I may know” bar. 

When you go to the Search bar, the first recommended option will certainly be “People I may know”. If you click on this, you will see a list of people you may acquaint with, created based on people your friends know. After adding a few friends, you will see the usefulness of this feature. 

3. Sorting your friends into Lists. 

Making lists of friends on Facebook - Photo credit:

Facebook allows you to customize lists, or groups, of Facebook users in your friend list, which let you easily share things in your mind with particular people. Head to the left menu, choose MORE in the cursor placed over the Friends heading. You will see a list of your friends in the friend list.
•    Click on the “+Create List” tab to make a new list. By doing so, you can separate members of your family from other friends or colleagues from the office.
•   Choose a name for a list and add some members to it. While you're typing new names, suggestions will pop up to help you add multiple people a lot more quickly. 

Another way of listing - Photo credit:

•    There is another way to do the task. You can add people to list by going to the top of their profile, click the Friends button and choose the list you want to include them.

4. Respond to friend requests. 

It's an essential thing you have to know in how to use Facebook. After staying on Facebook for a while, you’ll begin receiving friend requests from Facebook users. Click on the Friends icon located on the top of the page, you can see the pending requests.

A pending request - Photo credit:

•    Next to each request sender's name, you will see how many mutual friends you two have. By clicking on the person’s name, you will be able to see the information they are willing to share.

The number of mutual friends - Photo credit:

•    If you want to add the person as a friend, click the 'Confirm' button. If you don't, click on the Not Now.

Friend request hidden  - Photo credit:

5. Unfriend people who you don't recognize or don't want to have a connection with anymore. 

You can choose to unfriend people on Facebook - Photo credit:

Some people may be a nuisance. If you don't want to stay connected with them any longer, you should unfriend them to prevent them from seeing to your information and posts. Click on the person to open his/her profile, and then select Unfriend in the Friends button.

Part 4. Posting and Sharing Information

1. Share what’s in your head. 

You learn how to use Facebook to do it! To make a post, hover the top of your Newsfeed or Profile. You will see a blank space where you can type what you want to share. After checking what you are about to post,  click the blue Post button to make it done.

•    By clicking the Privacy button next to the Post button, you can select who can see your post.

Customize the privacy - Photo credit:

•    If you want to tag a person in a post, type a “@” symbol right before a friend’s name to bring up his/her name in the post. They will receive a notification informing about their presence in your post.

Tagging your friends is available - Photo credit:

•    Check-in by adding a location to your post. You can do the task by clicking on the Pin icon at the bottom of the typing box.   

A post with your friends' presence - Photo credit:

Press 'Like' to show your appreciation - Photo credit:

2. Comment on a friends' post. 

Looking at your newsfeed, you will see large numbers of posts from your friends. Under each post, there is a box with your avatar and a small blank space that says “Write a comment”. You can add your comment there. By doing the same task of tagging, you can add people to your comment just like in your post

•    By clicking “Like” a post, you are able to show that you this post is a good one.     

You can totally share a link from other sites - Photo credit:

3. Share a link, post, or other content from another site. 

You can use the feature of status update to bring link of other material to your post. Just paste the URL of the article you want to share, you will see a preview appearing below the typing space. If you delete the link, the preview can still be seen.

Like pages to see the newest posts - Photo credit:

4. Like and follow pages on Facebook.

This is an interesting features that make people want to learn how to use Facebook.  So many artists, musicians, businesses, and organizations are using Facebook. You can find them just by using the search bar. If you find any page interesting, press “Like” to follow and receive updates on your newsfeed they post something new.

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