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How to Use Facebook (Part 2)

Part 5. Uploading Photos and Video

You can choose to add photos here - Photo credit:

1. At the top of your newsfeed, click the “Add Photos/Video” button. 
There are two options for you: Upload Photos/Video and Create Photo Album. Both the options will lead you to a file browser where you can select photos and videos from your computer.
•    After choosing the first want, you can add additional photos if you want.
•    With each photo, you can tag friends and write description/caption
•    By doing so, you can post multiple photos on your timeline.

Making a photo album is quite easy - Photo credit:

2. Make a photo album.

If you select the Photo Album option, you will be taken to a new page called album editor where you can choose multiple photos to upload in one album. You will be able to give the album a name and a description.
•    Adding a location for the album is feasible, too.

You can add a location to your album - Photo credit:

•    If you want post high-quality photos, you can do so by clicking the High-Quality button.

High-quality choice is available - Photo credit:

•    More photos can be added whenever you want by clicking the “+Add More Photos” button too.

You can add additional photos afterward - Photo credit:

If you don't want to upload a photo, delete it - Photo credit:

3. Delete uploaded photos. 

To remove an uploaded photo, you have to go to the photo manager. Choose the photos you want to delete in your photos and albums, click the pencil icon which can be found in the photo preview's top right corner. Then, click on the “Delete This Photo” option to remove the photos you don't want to be there

Part 6. Organizing and Attending Events

You are able to create events on Facebook - Photo credit:

1. Make a new event. 

Facebook has a feature allowing you to organize events,  deliver invitations for people you want or make it public. To create a new event, hover the left menu to find the Events button. Then, click the “+Create Event” button at the top right corner of the page you find

•    Give your event a name
•    Include details about your event. By doing so you can let guests know what to expect, what should they wear and bring along.
•    Choose a date to throw the event. There is a calendar button available for your choice.      

Invite Only option - Photo credit:

2. Set the privacy of your event.

Before clicking the Create button, make sure you have set the privacy to suit your needs. The level of privacy depends on which type of event you are organizing. If it's just a house party, keep it invite-only. If it's a gig, make it public because of the more, the merrier.     

Choose people to invite from the list - Photo credit:

3. Deliver the invitations. 

If your event is set Invited Only, then you should prepare to make some invitations. There is a button named “Invite Friends” that you have to click to show a window with all of your Facebook friends. Choose the people you want to invite from the window.

•    After the event is created, you can still invite additional people.    

Organizing your events with help - Photo credit:

4. Organize your event. 

Once you have finished the event creation, you can re-visit it by using the Events menu. In the page, you are allowed to send messages to the event attendants, adjust the date and time or invite additional people.

Responding options to an invite - Photo credit:

5. Respond to event invitations.

High chances that you will receive some event invitations while using Facebook. There are different options for you, namely, going, maybe, or decline.

Part 7. Chatting with Friends on Facebook

Chatting on Facebook is completely possible - Photo credit:

1. If you want to start a chat, hover the right menu and click a friend’s name. 

By doing so, a small chat box will open at the bottom of the page. Even if the person in question is not online, you can still send messages to them. 

Adding people to a chat - Photo credit:

2. Add multiple people to your conversation. 

You are totally able to create a group chat, just by clicking the “+” sign at the top of the chat box. You can change the nick names of people in the conversation pretty easily.

Add Files to send directly - Photo credit:

3. Send files via Facebook conversation. 

You can select Add Files in the chat box to send contents to your friends The size limit of one file sent is 15 MB. It's very convenient when you need. 

Your previous chats are saved - Photo credit:

4. Review your previous chats.

By clicking on the Messaging icon located at the Facebook page's right top, and then clicking“See All”, you will be sent to a new window in which all the chats in the past are shown. You can scroll through all of your previous messages here.

Part 8. Staying Secure on Facebook

Don't talk to people you don't know - Photo credit:

1. Treat other people nicely and stay secure.

This is an important thing you should know about how to use Facebook. Don't give out your personal information to people you don't know, and treat everyone nicely with courtesy and respect.

2. Don't involve in Facebook addiction.

Many people find they are having a problem with spending too much time on Facebook. If you are in this case, it's high time you improved. 

3. Avoid wasting your time.

Facebook is quite addictive and totally able to suck up our time. It will result in declining our productivity at work. If you are too occupied by Facebook, you will spend the time in which you are supposed to be working to surfing newsfeed. 

4. Facebook game addiction can be a nuisance.

There are many games equipped in Facebook. You should limit your time playing those for the sake of your work and life.

5. Delete your Facebook account permanently.

You can, totally. And you should if Facebook is no more an entertainment, but an addiction to you.

Part 9. Utilizing Facebook to Develop Your Business

1. Create a Facebook page and get a lot of fans.

You should create a Facebook page to develop your business, just like many people are doing with their owns. There are many guides for you to utilize the features provided by Facebook to run businesses on the social network platform. Get as many fans as possible. More fans means more visibility for your work.

2. Raise Advertising Campaigns on Facebook. 

You can utilize Facebook to conduct marketing and advertising campaigns to target millions of potential customers. 

3. Add Facebook Link to your Blogger. 

If you are using the blog service of Blogger, you can include a Facebook like button to your blog, More traffic will be guided to your blog as well as your Facebook page.