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Sign Up For Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world, and we cannot distrust about this point. With FB, we can connect with new friends; find old friends, keeps in touch with family members and acquaintances.

On the one hand, we could communicate to the partners and potential customers through our accounts as well as FB pages. Sign up for Facebook is now easier and simpler than you might think. Everything you need to sign up an account is your available email address and a few tasks to register in a couple of minutes only.

Register an FB account

Get one email account

As I mentioned above, you need to have an appropriate address of your email before creating an FB account. Did you know how to sign up an email account from Hotmail, Gmail, etc.?

If not, you should search the information from the Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. to know how to sign up an account as they have step – by – step guide for their information.

After getting one email account, you should remember the email address because you will display this address to sign up the FB account.

If you have already gotten the email address, then you could not create another new email account and skip this phase.
Open the FB page

To get to the homepage of FB, you type the website of the FB in the address bar, or you search the keyword “Facebook,” you will access the homepage of FB immediately.

Log in an FB account

In the homepage of FB, you will notice the part “Sign up – It is free and always will be” and this is the part that you need to sign up for Facebook account.

Then, you need to write your name (first name and last name), your email address, your password, your date of birth and your gender. After that, you click the green bar “sign up” to complete the task.
Please keep in mind that you should create one new password and remember this password when registering the FB account.

Do not be lazy to get the same password from other your device account or your email address as these passwords might not be secure at all.
FB sometimes usually has different themes in the homepage, but you just need to draw attention to the sign – up part when registering the new account.

With the email address, FB will send the notifications from your profile will be received and this is the reason why you should remember the password of the FB account as well as the email address.

Confirm your new FB account

If you have already created several accounts on the social networks and other platforms, you will not be surprised about this phase.

Because FB and other organizations want to confirm your new information, and they want to check the real person who will use this account instead of other persons or robots.

To confirm the information, FB will send an email to your email address, display your ID account and your password.

Thus, you need to click on this email with a link which they confirmed your information, and this is the acceptation to make your new FB account.

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Make your new profile

Look up friends promptly 

After confirming your new FB account from the email, you should undertake this stage – find your friends. Click the “find your new friends” bar, and FB might recommend as well as send the invitation to your friends from your email profile unquestionably. When FB request your friends, you could accept these friends or not depend on your choice.

Create your new profile

In this phase, you will enter other information such as your elementary school, your junior and high school, your university, your current occupation, etc. 

Moreover, you should type your hometown, where do you live now and so on. After that, you click the “save” bar to confirm your information.On the flip side, you could enter other information like your hobbies if you want to display (or skip)this part. 

For those who want to share your information to your friends or close friends only, you should select the options bar (on the right side) before finishing the process. 

Update your profile image and your cover photo

In this part, you could get your profile picture from your computer or take the photo directly from the webcam. Then, you should click the “save and continue” bar and get the cover photo too. Eventually, this is the final part of the sign up for the Facebook process. 


After all, sign up for Facebook is not complex with a few straightforward steps to create and access the account. As FB always update new features to attract more any more users to select this social network in their option around the world, you enable to choose your language to use your FB timeline easily.

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