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Top Social Media Marketers You Need To Know

Due to FB as well as other social networks, we could publish many photos, videos (on YouTube and FB), the stories, ideas, and opinions. A lot of companies use the social networks as a promoting tool to catch the potential patrons through their strategies and plans.

Nonetheless, we might miss out another user who has a huge number of fans on the page and their walls – that is influencers. This could be a potential tool that every enterprise should not forget and ignore to promote their services and products. For marketers, you need to follow top social media marketers to discover and learn useful guide from them.

Jake Paul (@jakepaul)

Although Jake Paul is only 20 years old, his social network account has over 17 000 followers who come from around the world.

Vine was the first social network for him to land the yard and now, he expands other networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Musically, FB and other networks.

He achieves more than 4 billion of views from the users worldwide, and he becomes one of the most famous marketing influencers in the digital world.
As a straight forward person, he could not allow staying in one place, so he establishes the Team Dom who has many famous persons invest in this firm like Gary Vaynerchuk and Pete Cashmore. Furthermore, he is a prosperous actor in the movie industry with various audiences and fans.

Because Jake Paul is a potential influencer, large enterprises always hunt him and his teams to help them to promote their brands like Coca Cola, Beats, Universal, etc. for chiliads and other young generations.

Shonduras (@shonduras)

Shonduras is the nickname of Shaun McBride who was the first partner of the Walt Disney Company about a story and Snap Chat was the sponsor. During this time, Walt Disney had recognized the ability of Shonduras, and they made up their mind to corporate with Shonduras.
Thus, Shonduras has gradually changed one of the most social influencers on the websites, especially in Snap Chat. He can boost the sales revenues for his business in different methods such as important speeches, trading activities, marketing content, etc.

He still wants to increase the impact of marketing content in the digital world with dissimilar approaches, and he also creates the Best Day Ever event to shoot many his targets during his hours.

Neil Patel (@neilpatel on Twitter, on Facebook)

Neil Patel is a great influencer for big brands to get the impact to the customers because of his talent. He is a co – founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and other entrepreneurs.

Neil is also an experienced investor, a writer, and an inventive marketer. With many talents, he deserves to be a tremendous expert to introduce something new and amazing in every industry.

He was a creative marketer for some small firms to increase the profits and sales revenues through SEO method when he was a teenager.

He had chosen the marketing content, social network marketing, online selling and sharing latest products for technology and innovation enterprises which helped them to gain thousands of dollars.
If you have a question that you do not know how to deal or you need to have some advice about marketing filed, then you could read many articles and useful information in his blogs.

Virginia Salas Kastilio (@ginicanbreathe)

You always follow news and information in Soul Pancake, NASDAQ, BBC, etc. and admire these channels have many great boards of directors and professional editors.

However, both of them need right consultants and the crews to have attractive scenes. And Virginia Salas Kastilio is one of the greatest teams to support them to have a smooth journey.

In her crews, she has several famous experts for Snap Chat that comes from many nations around the world.

If you have an opportunity to watch the Third Culture Kid show, you would know the quality of this program. This is an expensive show to control at Orace and Apple in many dissimilar schools via the Internet.

You do not recognize her brand, but also you might study the marketing knowledge and the marketing trend in the latest year. A small business owner, a marketer or a manager of a big company, you enable to follow her as she also has an online school – Snap and Stream.

Furious Pete (@furiouspete)

You might be impressive for the first time to hear about Furious Pete since he has over five million subscribers on YouTube.

These subscribers always watch and follow him in every vlog about doing the exercises and improve our health, how to tackle the difficulties in our lives, and several training sessions to improve our health.

Therefore, he is an excellent influencer for those who want to promote their products or services in the healthy filed in the TV programs and videos on the social networks around the world though he has his program in Germany.

CyreneQ (@cyreneq)

Like Shonduras and Virginia Salas Kastilio, CyreneQ is a power influencer for many boosting campaigns that perform from popular brands like Wall Mart, The Voice, Samsung, etc.
She can polish her brand image in the Snap Chat to appeal many fans to follow her regularly with friends and sense of humor image.

She also has a community on her website – The11thSecond, and she could launch her book. You might also find her image in other social networks.

Kristina Bazan (@kristinabazan)

Her job is a fashion blogger, the CEO of Kayture with talent crew to support her to drive the boat. Furthermore, she is a consultant for some famous brands such as Guess, Dolce &Gabbana, etc. because she has over 2 million followers on Instagram and a million of fans at Kayture.

On the flip side, she is not only a social influencers in the fashion industry, but also she is an important chain to let the social media becomes a possible selling tool in the business.

Caroline Ghosn (@cocoandbreezy)

In fact, Caroline is not an actual influence in the top social media marketers, but she has her own business – Levo. This is a fabulous opportunity to share and interact with others which construct the start – up stories and other related topics.

Levo is a guru of the marketing content, and they are also a sturdy bridge between famous people and the audiences by keeping stable interviews to Warren Buffet, Kevin Spacey, etc.

Coco & Breezy (@carolineghosn)

They are twins, and they created a fashion glasses which based on their names. Several celebrities are excited to find this brand name to gather another accessorize in their collection.

They do not only have their own business, but they also become the social influencer when coordinate to other famous brands such as Hershey’s, Jolly Ranchers, Adidas, etc. They completely welcome for those who have an available lifestyle like them and those companies are willing to cooperate.


Easier said than done; we might assume that we enable to appeal more and more audiences to follow us on the social media. However, if we do not have the strategy to build and maintain the quality of our products, services or other assets, you would lose the game in the long period.

Conversely, influencers also need to construct an appropriate strategy to expand their volume and stay in the top social media marketers for a while. This is the reason why groups and big enterprises need influencers in their chain.