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Try the 4 and find the best way to advertise on Facebook

Have you followed the trend of exploiting Facebook ads?

Are you looking for tips that will help you receive more from what you have invested in Facebook marketing?

Sure, there are many tips available on the Internet that are not only attainable but also quite useful. However, are all the tips applicable in your case? Look through the article and you will be able to decide what the best for your Facebook ads campaign is.
From the 4 ideas below, you will surely find the best way to advertise on Facebook.

#1: Before Making Changes, Don’t Forget To Monitor Frequency

Let’s imagine this: you invest money in raising a Facebook ads campaigns which contain not only wonderful images but also a fancy landing page. After a few days, you have not received what you expected to gain. Will you pull the ads down or will you keep them where they are?
If you decide to replace those ads, it is an understandable response. Who does not freak out when they think they are losing money for nothing? However, sometimes you don’t see the success right after you have raised the campaign.

Pulling them down? Maybe it is a safe choice, but occasionally, you lose something you can never imagine.

So, you want to know whether the Facebook ads campaign you have developed is worthy or not? Test multiple ad variations. The term ‘variations’ here means different groups of audience, different imagery, ad copies, and so forth. When you conduct the test, make sure that it has a certain amount of time to generate the results in real data.

The reason why Facebook is dominating the online advertising industry is that it has the ability to optimize your ads to raise the engagement of your audience. You have to believe in it and give it time.
Look at the table below, you will see that it takes weeks for an ads campaign to get the CPC (costs per click)

Your CPC can be low at first, give it time to prove its efficiency – Photo credit:
Before making any big changes, give an ads campaign at least a week. Many people have realized that it is the best way to advertise on facebook for them. However, it also depends on your budget. If you put a large amount of resource into an ad, chances that you will receive the data quicker.

The tip is, you have to understand what you are heading to when raising a campaign, or at least what you are willing to pay for each acquisition. 

Besides, it is also important to know that just like pulling down your ads too soon, keep them for so a long time is detrimental, too. It will lead to either ad fatigue or ad blindness. Or both. And they are bad for your business, indeed.

Ad fatigue means the situation when your audience are tired of your ads because they have to see the same thing too often for too long. Some people will take the drastic measures: hiding your ads or reporting them. Trust me, you don’t want neither of them. Their negative reaction will do harm for your investment and your reputation.

Ad blindness happens when they no longer pay attention to your ads, so those messages merge into other nonsense on their news feeds. Every day, we are exposed to countless promotional messages. So do not expect your audience to pay attention to everything you say, unless it is something stunning. 

Nevertheless, it is good to know that there are measures to deal with the problems. Facebook offers you the features of managing your frequency, so you can be sure that ad fatigue and ad blindness don’t take place in your case.

You can check your frequency score here – Photo credit:

You can find your ad frequency score in your Facebook Ads Manager. You will find Frequency under Performance, which is located in Customize Column of the Columns drop-down menu.

In short, Frequency is the number on average of times that you’re a specific ad of yours is shown to each Facebook user. The feature’s function is to calculate the number of impressions for your ad. If the number shown is around 3 or 5, maybe it’s the high time you made changes to your campaign.

#2: Utilize Audience Insights to Improve Your Targeting

Audience Insights is what you surely have to use. It is your big mistake if you do not utilize the feature of Facebook Advertising. It may be the best way to advertise on Facebook for you, just that you have not realized yet.

The feature’s function is to reveal a marvelous amount of data about your audience. Originally, it is designed for advertisers who yearn for targeting their ads more efficiently. Now, it is commonly used by everyone who wants to find out more data about their audience. In this case, it is you, a business owner. However, if you are not aiming at broadening your ads campaign, it’s quite helpful, too.

Paying attention to Page Like is a good way to develop your targeting – Photo credit:

You can find Audience Insights by going into Ads Manager, then looking for Audience Insights under the Plan section.

How to find Audience Insights – Photo credit:

For example, if you’re putting a new fishing rod on sales, you may probably assume “fishing” as a term for targeting. It is an ideal idea to create a new Facebook ad, because, of course, your potential buyers are ones who love fishing.  

When you choose Audience Insights and types your interest of “fishing” in the bar, you will find out your potential buyers, who you are actually targeting with the “fishing” interest. Then, click the tab Page Likes to discover about this group of audience.

Look at the top section of the page, you can see the list of pages that your selected Facebook users like. In short, it can be safe to say that when you target “fishing”, you are aiming at people who like the Facebook pages listed there.

Creating a Facebook ad means you have to keep in mind many things, one is that you have to ensure the pages you target are all relevant. For example, not all the pages related to “fishing” are suitable for your campaign. There are pages aiming hunting or trucks only, so they may have something with fishing, but not with your product.

 So, next time when you are creating an ad, make sure to use Audience Insights rather than rely only on the term “fishing” for targeting.

In Page Likes, you can see whom you are actually targeting – Photo credit:

From the example above, you can see that there are some specific pages related to fishing appearing in the Page Likes section. Take note of them, and once you have a list of from 5 to 10 relevant interests, develop a new ad. With that, you can be sure your ad will be shown to people who actually care about what you are putting on sales.

By using Audience Insights, you are saving your audience and raising their engagement. 

#3: Optimize your Landing Pages

It is such a pity you have never considered the option before. If you have not got a fabulous landing page for your ad, make it right now. You will see why some people say optimizing landing pages is the best way to advertise on Facebook ever.

Think about the two situations. First, you are scrolling your news feeds when a fancy ad catches your attention. You click on it, and the ad transmits you to the home page of the brand.

And second, you are also scrolling and just click on the ad, but instead of sending you to the familiar home page, the ad let you see a landing page with fantastic designs and specific information about what you have seen in the ads.

If the ad says that there is a 70% discount, and you are sent to the home page, you may lose the interest of finding something for yourself on this page. However, if you see a list of products saled for 70%, your next move? Well, if I were you, I will consider buying immediately.

This ad will direct you to a specific landing page – Photo credit

So, it is clear that the second scenario is more promising, isn’t it? That’s why optimizing your landing pages is an essential move that you have to take. Do not hesitate, you have got the fish in your net, now will you let them go?

On your landing page, pay utmost attention to the headline. Make it short, clear and concise so that people can get what you are offering by a quick glance at it. The tip is skipping the benefits and focusing on the outcome (of purchasing/downloading the product).

An adequate subtitle is also important too. It will provide more information the headline of your landing page.

An example of a fabulous landing page – Photo credit:

Take some advices below:
  • Make sure there are some social proof on your landing page. What is proof? Well, it varies, from a picture of you, the business owner, with your logos or slogan, or else, some case studies from people who have enjoyed your product or service.
  • Include a clear call to action. Make sure that it is placed “above the fold”.
  • Optimize your landing pages for mobile. Aren’t you so na├»ve to think that people only use PCs or laptops to visit Facebook, are you? 

#4: Test A Variation of Copy Lengths

It is not true that short ad copies work more efficiently than long ads copies. There are some theories about it, but in fact, it’s dead wrong.

The reactions of people on Facebook are quite unpredictable, so do not think that you can only rely on some theories to deal with them. Different audience from different groups show different reactions to your ads. 

See? Long copies can do much better than short ones – Photo credit:

So, next time you are writing an ad copy, don’t try to make it as short as possible. Think about your audience, who you are writing for, who you want to target. Then write something that will harbor something in those people, regardless of the length. 

Some specialists have come to the conclusion: first, write a long ad copy with storytelling that can engage people. Then cut it down to something shorter and clearer.

You are also recommended to include a call to action in the ad. When you create your ad, you have to include it, but it is also important to add one more call in the ad content. Tell the visitors what you want them to do.

A clear ad copy with a call to action – Photo credit:

Needless to say, images in the most important factor that you have to take into account when you are developing an ads campaign. When people scroll their news feeds, images are things that catch their attention. So, you have to designs images that are outstanding enough to make them want to read the content of your ad copies.


In Facebook advertising, there is nothing like a single key to success. It is also impossible the find the best way to advertising on Facebook that works for everyone. So, your job is to research and review, try anything that you think it may work and find the best for you and your business.